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RedRoute is a Marketing Effectiveness Agency.


RedRoute is a unique and multi-disciplined team with specialists in business consultancy, brand marketing, trade marketing, digital marketing, finance, business decision support, econometric modelling, market research, customer data analysis and computer programming.


We are a group of like-minded marketing professionals working together to help you maximise your business performance by using motivational science to predict the sales & profit implications of your marketing decisions before you make them…


Motivational Science analyses the mix of rational and emotional factors that drive actual choice behaviour. It combines the practical real-world circumstances in which people live with their needs & aspirations to produce models of behaviour that are highly predictive and able to anticipate future changes. Instrumental to this is our key measure of the relative attractiveness of your solution: Effective Net Preference (ENP).

A great example came from our work in the dry cell battery market many moons ago. Our modelling, carefully done, showed that market volume would grow by at least 15% in the next 12 months. The client's reaction was "No way! The market never grows by more than 3 or 4%." One year later market volume was up by over 17% and our client, who had heeded our advice once he'd seen the rationale, had also increased his market share because he was the only player in the market to have correctly anticipated the new trend, which was driven by a growing demand for mobile devices.

Another example is digital marketing, where online systems are becoming ever-more adept at uncovering potential needs but often with little understanding of why the need arose or in what circumstance. Consequently conversion rates are very low except when offering rock-bottom prices. By using a motivational approach and tailoring the nature of the message to the customer's persona profile, our homewares client increased their conversion rates by an average of 56% without reducing prices.

In sum, by understanding what is driving actual in-market decision-making we enable you to see how effective your marketing programmes will be. Combining behavioural science and economics with the practicalities of how marketing activities actually reach and influence people, our models are used to improve marketing effectiveness in areas ranging from the targeting of one-to-one marketing campaigns through to ad scheduling, marketing mix, pricing, promotions and long term scenario planning.


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