5 reasons to start your job hunt over the festive season

21 Dec 13:00 by Adam Pyle


Have you previously been told that the Christmas period isn’t the right time for job hunting? Have you read one of many articles telling you to wait until the new year to apply for roles? Do you worry that, even if you apply, nobody is going to be there to process your application anyway because everyone is on leave? Then you may have been given some bad advice.

Indeed, if you have heard these things, and believe them, then you could be missing out on a crucial period for both updating your CV and searching for a new career. So, consider these five tips for the job hunt over the festive season.

In a strange year, businesses need outside expertise

After the troubles of 2020, many businesses are looking to outside help in order to survive and grow. There is a growing need for quality personnel and, if you have the skills, businesses are open to looking, whatever time of the year.

Businesses may still have budget

Though it is conventional wisdom that businesses may not have any budget for new hires in December, HR and hiring departments carefully plan their budgets so that they can release them as and when is needed, especially this year.

Recruitment works to a slightly different timescale. Some new hires may take longer to recruit than others and there is always the chance that new recruits leave their new roles quickly – though they may be chasing stability in 2021 – due to either ‘not fitting in’ or struggling to adapt to the pace of learning.

By the end of the year, there could be space, and budget, for new recruits.

You get a jump on the competition

Though it remains to be seen what 2021 will bring following a strange and turbulent 2020, January is often the busiest month for recruitment, both the sector and hiring process itself. Conversely, the end of the year is much calmer. If you’re getting in touch with recruitment companies, or businesses directly, you will often find it an easier process. The recruitment process can, therefore, happen quicker, as it’s easier to schedule interviews and schedules are cleared.

You can get to know the hiring teams

The general slowdown in the hiring process means that applying in December may give you more time to get to know your recruitment team, or hiring department, as you’ll not just be one of many CVs on their desk. Fewer applicants should mean more chance that your application will get the attention that it deserves. It certainly gives you a chance to contact potential hirers personally, meaning that they'll be able to put a face to the name; allowing you to show your personality as well as your skills. 

Getting to know the people who will be hiring you, or helping you get hired, is a great advantage.

Everything is digital now

Let’s be honest, not everybody shuts down for Christmas. It’s nice if you can, and it’s nice if they do, but some companies cannot shut down for that entire period, some work sporadic hours, and the digital age means that many businesses are more accessible than ever.

So, get yourself in the zone by listening to the CIM Marketing Podcast, and start your job hunt. The right role may already be out there.


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