6 things to do when you've been furloughed

29 Jun 14:00 by Adam Pyle


In the current circumstances, many marketers may be finding themselves with more time on their hands whilst waiting for news from their employers. With fewer demands on their time, there might be an opportunity to spend it more wisely.

Making use of the time under furlough is a must, both for future career prospects and, more importantly, mental health. It’s important to create a balance that works for you. Here are six things that marketers could do whilst they are furloughed:

 1. Spend time at home with the family

The lack of work/life balance is a common complaint from marketers often overly burdened in their professions. Under lockdown, more time with the family is necessary, especially if it involves helping with home schooling or helping vulnerable relatives.

What’s important is to get in to a routine that will enable you to handle the lockdown. Do not expect to do too much, just set reasonable limits for yourself.

2. Balance the books

As well as work/life balance, the need to budget and pay bills is an issue with many families; this will not go away anytime soon.

 Still, extra time reflecting allows for a greater look at what is important and what is affordable. There will be natural savings that are made with less travel and there may be long-term savings to be identified in the meantime.

3. Start your own business?

 The latest developments in the world have seen many marketers find out the difficulty with relying on one source of income. In a world where even billionaires have asked for handouts from government, the finances of employees working for corporations have become increasingly tenuous.

The truth is, this might be time for marketers to diversify their income. If there is a skill you can provide, it might be the time to advertise that more freely, be that photoshop or consulting about marketing services such as analytics or SEO.

4. Create your own website

 To advertise your services, it’s necessary to create your own website. To those that have a website already, now is the time to brush up on your SEO skills, your content marketing capabilities and exactly how to get warm leads to your website.

 CIM members can make view our webinar on how to bring warm leads in to the marketing funnel for inspiring ideas on how to promote and monetise your website.

 5. Non CIM member? Study!

 The need to stay up to date has never been more relevant as uncertainty in the markets leaves many of us wondering what our job prospects will look like in a month’s time.

 If you’re not a CIM member, you are still eligible to take part in an increasing number of training sessions taking place digitally. Whether it is a one day training course in topics you might want to brush up on, a module on the extended points around a topic or a full qualification, have a look at some of your studying options here.

 6. Look for a new job. 

If you’re furloughed or your company is going through financial difficulties, you should probably aggressively start looking for new work opportunities before things get worse. Whilst there is no guarantee that it will happen that way, it’s better to be prepared.

Your place of work owes you clear lines of communication, and you need to bring that same level of clarity to your working situation. Ask yourself if you have the experience that you need in order to get your next role? If you don’t, fill in the gaps in your CV.

Ultimately, everybody will have a different experience under lockdown. You might be juggling parenting responsibilities, you may have somebody you need to take care of, you might not be able to find the time to search for a new job because your current one keeps you busy and is a source of stability in turbulent times. 

Do not try and do things that aren’t going to make you content. Your experience is unique; even if it feels like you should be productive, getting through right now is more than enough. Find a challenge that works for you.

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