Marketing contracting takes off in the North east

03 Jan 11:00 by Adam Pyle

New Research from one of our favourite recruitment agencies, The Candidate, reveals 2019 as the year that marketing contracting took off in the North West of England.

The Candidate Marketing Recruitment Specialists have commissioned research investigating the marketing contract recruitment sector in the North West of England, identifying growth in the areas whilst examining contractor’s attitudes and perceived benefits.

The research suggests that 2019 was the year that contracting in the marketing sector really took off as day rates peaked for marketing skill sets such as Paid Media, Digital Strategists and Marketing Analytics Specialists, attracting traditionally permanent employees to take up contracting.

The respondents were taken from a cross section of contractors from across the region in a 2-month period from all levels and a range of marketing backgrounds.

Responses have confirmed the benefits that contracting offers to clients with 92% citing the high quality of work being the biggest benefit to them. Complementing this is the flexible nature of contracting and the ability to start work quickly, all resulting in improved efficiencies for clients.

It is unsurprising that there is a growing trend of talent moving from permanent to contracting roles as the leading contractor benefit was the wide variety of roles accessible through contracting closely followed by the ability to lead a preferable work life balance.

Furthermore, continued growth is expected as contractors feel that businesses could be benefitting more from the contractor model with Marketing Strategy, Analytics and Project Work all faring in the top 3 areas of untapped potential.

Other findings from the research include:

• The average contract length within marketing contracting is 3-6 months

• 44% of respondents said they would travel up to one hour for an office-based contract

• There is imbalance of female contractors, with 80% of respondents being male

• The daily rate of a Director within contracting ranges from £400 - £1,000 per day, whilst rates start at c£150 for execs

The research highlights the growing benefits that contracting has for both clients and candidates in the region in the marketing sector. With the ongoing skills shortage and the challenge to fill an additional 64,000 roles from the 100,000 employed in the sector (Tech Nation, A Bright Tech Future Report 2019), it might be the immediate answer for many business needs.

Colin Telford, Director at The Candidate said, ‘Marketing Contracting has been a real growth area for the region this year as clients have realised that resource requirements can be addressed quickly and effectively with highly skilled workers to minimise disruption and maximise return from marketing channels. Furthermore, looking closer at contractor day rates and comparing them to the true cost of permanent staff reveals an affordable and ROI positive solution.’

Whilst the sector isn’t as far developed at IT contracting, with demand ever-growing and marketing contracting increasing year on year, it could evolve into a natural option for hiring managers moving forward.


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