Is a new career what you need in 2020?

13 Jan 12:00 by Not Going to Uni


You might not know it, but whilst you were on your end of year break, you probably had great advice from friends and family; do you need to do more than just contemplate it?


We’re now in a whole new decade, scary I know! What have you achieved, did you reach your goals, are you happy with your career path? These are all questions that you might have thought about internally over the Christmas period as you had some time off. A decade is a long time and you would have done a lot, seen a lot and achieved a lot so make sure you’re aware of your own successes.

Alternatively, you may be extremely happy in your current position and wonder why you’re reading this at all… well, you might feel like you can do better, achieve more and (whispers) earn more. Career progression is something that drives people forward and really motivates them. You might not get a lot of free time off work to have a think, consolidate the past and plan for the future, it's only natural that you did this over the Christmas break.



Most importantly, Christmas was a time to enjoy, spend time with family and eat! If you were lucky enough to have family around you during the Christmas period, utilise their wisdom and knowledge of life. (Yes, I know, it can be hard admitting they know more than you) But the advice they gave you can serve really well and help you in both the short and long term. Family will always be there to provide tips and helpful advice.

You’ll find that you had more time to think over Christmas and may have found yourself contemplating unintentionally. This is normal! Would you like that promotion? Okay, how are you going to accomplish that and what do you need to do? It might be after you had your third serving of Christmas dinner and sit motionless in a food coma that you thought about where you want to be in time for the next decade to begin and plan your route. Have a plan, both short and long term as it’ll really spur you on to be the best you can be.


A Change of Career?

As I’m sure you’re well aware, the sheer number of sectors that have had meteoric rises over the past decade have made new jobs that didn’t exist before. The rise of social media and digital marketing are roles that you may have never even dreamed of doing before everyone and their dog became social media users. We’re at a point in time where dogs actually gain followers quicker than humans, and I’m okay with that. But behind those pages are people. Now, they have a dog, they have a phone… that’s all they need to become hugely popular on Instagram. They gain followers, they get brand deals, they get paid. The dog doesn’t have a bank account that’s for sure (unless your name is Harry Redknapp), so this dog owner now has an income that would have been impossible fifteen years ago.

Be innovative, be imaginative and be yourself as you never know what advancements us as people or as a society will make over the next decade. You have a good idea but think well that’s never going to happen… why not? Who thought the President of the United States would be tweeting photoshopped pictures of him boxing with a six pack? The thing is, times have changed, have you?


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