Make your CV stand out for marketing

31 Jul 15:00 by Not Going to Uni


What is marketing?

If you want to take marketing seriously as a viable career option, then you’ll have to brief yourself on the different aspects of the profession. Marketing is not simply selling ads or digital space, nor is it confined to content creation or designing fonts and company branding. Marketing is central to business growth.

As marketing covers everything, you need to think about your skills and what they can be used for.  Are you interested in statistics and market trends or creating effective content that speaks to a specific audience? Here are some of the categories you could encounter in the industry:

  • Brand
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Creative/design
  • PR
  • Digital
  • Demand generation

So, with so much to choose from, it’s important that you consider where your talents lie. Once you have decided on a point of entry into the industry, you must make your CV stand out.

How to make your CV stand out

Whether you are trying to access an entry level job or looking to take the next step in your career, your CV should display a keen interest and appropriate knowledge of all things marketing. Here are some tips to consider.

Show originality supported with evidence. It’s a plus if you have a small project that has gained traction, or a following on a personal blog/vlog, or other venture to display you understand the basics of marketing.

Make reference to a particular campaign that has inspired you, why it hit home and what you can learned from it. Marketing is about more than showing enthusiasm; being able to analyse why something works and replicate it is an important skill. It’s also one that is not easily transferred to a CV, and, in being able to do so, you’ll have an important advantage.

Depending on which area of marketing you want to specialise in, and, indeed, even if you want a general role, make sure that the subjects promoting this are prominent on your CV. If you want to go into copywriting, make sure that your CV highlights any English qualifications or creative writing experience. If you have more of an interest in SEO, then maths or IT would be a better skillset to promote.

It is important to highlight your skills according to your desired role and, if you feel that you’re lacking in them, you can seek courses to expand your knowledge. Whatever speciality you go in to, being able to write and communicate proficiently is key and demonstrating skill in human behaviours is a plus for any business.

As for the actual layout, a small but effective tip is to start with a modern and attractive CV layout if you are leaning towards the more creative/design side of marketing. It’s a simple way to show you have an eye for detail and aesthetics. Even better if you have assisted in creating any advertising material for a friend or relative for their business.

Lastly, your hobbies reflect who you are in and out of a work environment, so any extra curriculars such as, writing (for an audience), team sports or extra classes can show organisation and time management but also that you have social skills.

Next steps

If you’re one of the many anxiously awaiting your exam results this is a good time to distract yourself by thinking about what comes next. You have done what you can regarding your results; remember that, good or bad, you still have a plan of action. This is the time to be keeping an eye out for opportunities in the companies that spark your interest. More and more prestigious firms are offering apprenticeships and early career options for those looking to experience the world of work a little sooner. Even if you are not ready to commit yet, an internship is a great option that may give you more clarity and experience.

If you are interested in apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships or early careers, please feel free to visit Not Going To Uni. Alternatively, to find your next marketing role, view the latest vacancies on the CIM Marketing Jobs board.