How to kickstart your marketing career

16 Jul 15:00 by Adam Pyle


So, you’ve decided not to go to university in order to pursue an immediate career in marketing, that’s great! It’s definitely not for everyone and marketing doesn’t discriminate, it’s possible to join the profession from any background. Do not sit back though, it’s important to make use of the time you might have otherwise spent studying to get ahead of the curve, make sure you’re getting relevant experience and learn the skills that will help you get to the next steps of your career.

To succeed in marketing, you cannot stand still. Here’s a small sample of a few things you can do in order to make those three years count...


With the rise of technology, online courses have become a free and accessible way for people to gain experience and know-how on a huge number of topics; marketing is not immune to this. Moreover, there is a wealth of knowledge out there to be accessed. Candidates looking to focus on a career in marketing are able to view a variety of resources on Exchange, CIM’s online content hub. Topics range from understanding customer needs, to social media, to sustainability.

CIM also provide a variety of training options to suit every level. For aspiring marketers, CIM offer a range of cutting edge courses, delivered face-to-face, or Ofqual-regulated qualifications that span from beginner to experienced marketers. If you have designs on a new career or you’re all clued up in which area you want to specialise in, then completing one of these courses shows potential employers you have the application to succeed, as well as the skills for the job once you land it.


Going down an apprenticeship path allows you to achieve a qualification whilst working and gaining experience. With qualifications ranging from level 2 all the way up to degree-level, in a wide range of fields including media, marketing (including CIM’s own apprenticeships), law and many others, it’s a sure thing that you’ll get your career off to a flying start. 

Although many apprenticeships may require you to start relatively low in the food chain of your new place of work, they often allow room to grow and progression within the business. In fact, over 90% of apprentices go into work and or further training, and 92% of apprentices felt that their career prospects had increased.

Work experience/internships

Work experience or internships within any field that you’re interested in pursuing can be a great way of getting a taste of the profession. In addition to this, you’re also able to talk to industry experts within the workplace, to get to know a bit more about the job, as well as their experiences and progression. Major corporations such as the BBC and Channel 4 often advertise marketing placements all year round!

Not to mention, internships and work experience are good boosters for your CV, as they demonstrate how you’ve been able to use your skills in different workplaces. If in the future, you go to apply for a job in the same company, as you’ll be able to share your knowledge of the industry and how you developed on your placement.

Visibility on social networking sites is also key. It's the 21st century. Whilst there is certainly no legal requirement, creating a LinkedIn account will allow you to showcase your skills and experiences within a profile and connect with marketing professionals worldwide. 94% of marketers on social media use LinkedIn to publish content- so getting to grips with how to use it can be helpful if pursuing a career in marketing!


Now you know how to make your first few years in marketing count, go forth and conquer! Browse from 1,000s of live jobs, apprenticeships and work experiences on or visit our social media for more information.