Soft skills for marketing

28 May 09:00 by Adam Pyle


In order to make it in marketing, it is key to make sure you have the fundamental skills to set you up for success. Marketing is increasingly important for businesses looking to improve the customer experience, and its multifaceted nature means that it’s reaching out for a wide pool of talent, and not limiting itself to just university graduates. The success of the industry depends on a range of skills gained as part of daily life. Within this blog, we’ll talk you through some of the soft skills necessary to kickstart your career in marketing.


Communication is key! From talking to others within your workplace to communicating your ideas and messages across a worldwide platform, communication is one of the most important soft skills within any field of work, but particularly significant for marketers.

It is crucial to be able to convey ideas to members of your team to produce work of real quality, as well as make sure you articulate your ideas correctly to ensure your message comes across in the desired manner. Good communication also leads to better teamwork and organisational skills.


Working with others is something that most people experience throughout their lives, from school to the workplace. This is something that we need to continue to do in order to create work that reaches many different audiences, in addition to working exactly to the brief.   

This can be challenging, as sometimes others don’t share the same creative vision, but working through this and being able to produce something great can be rewarding. Collaborating with others can often lead to different ideas and new thoughts being introduced- perhaps ones you wouldn’t have thought of alone! Marketing campaigns require collaboration to work, from organising who to target with the commercial team, creating the assets with the design studio to analysing how the results can be interpreted and improved upon with the sales department; there are very few areas of the business that marketing is absent from.

In short, marketing is teamwork, and those willing to listen to other people’s ideas will always have a place in the industry


Being able to work around deadlines, schedules and timelines is a necessary skill for success in any profession. Working in a marketing environment, and many other jobs alike, will require you to switch around your schedule, as well as work outside of your comfort zone, to produce your best work. Adapting and changing things when needed can change your work for the better.

Whether it be talking to a colleague halfway around the world or having to give up an hour of your day to help someone, this flexibility will show that you are willing to do what’s best for the business.


In an industry full of disruption, marketers need to be calm under pressure and possess the ability to make the right decisions for the industry. In the 21st century, businesses will increasingly see adversity through the lens of panic, marketing has to be calmer than that and use data to steer their company through difficult times.

If you have that fundamentally calm nature, can take a breath and come to the right decisions, there will always be chances for advancement.


Channelling the creative side of your brain can lead to the most innovative and effective ideas, which is a key factor of successful marketing. It’s the thing that opens eyes and ears to your brand, according to Pam Fujimoto, an executive creative director.

Creativity is the thing that can take your work from average to amazing and can be the difference between a so-so campaign and one that leaves a lasting impact. It can be the secret weapon that sets you apart from the competition.

So, these are a few of the examples of skills that drive the marketing profession. It is an industry uniquely placed for candidates who might not have the higher education background but do have an abundance of the talents required to create effective campaigns.

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