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31 Jan 16:00 by James Farmer


It’s critical within this highly competitive market to promote brand you.

If you want to progress up the career ladder, utilising your skills to amplify your achievements is fundamental way to move forward. However, one of the biggest challenges marketers face is understanding the right way to do so.

There are numerous methods to promote yourself successfully, but it’s about finding the right balance. Many talented professionals have fallen prey to over-exposure, missing out on opportunities because they’re not being wise with their methods or they have made fatal errors on their CV.

After speaking with four key influencers within the marketing profession, we have come up with three key ways to market brand you.

Honesty is the best policy

When marketing yourself, honesty is important. According to Mauricio Vergara, chief marketing officer for Bacardi, marketers have an annoying tendency to take credit for work they haven’t exclusively been responsible for. He believes that having proof that you have taken the lead through your own personal measures has more weight than mere words. Whether this is through social media or your own blog, making sure that you do good work will only give power to your voice enabling the right people to hear about you.

Humility is necessary

There is a flipside to everything, especially self-aggrandisement. Scott Morrison – Founder of The Boom! believes it’s important to recognise that it’s damaging to blithely have an answer for everything. Humility is key. It’s knowing your capabilities and accepting if you’re lacking certain specialisms or abilities, having the confidence, awareness and the ambition to knuckle down and learn. 

Don’t overexpose yourself

Digital is essential to making the most of your talents, but how much is too much? While these channels have the power to increase awareness, over-reliance on their influence can be a big mistake. According to Kevin Roberts, chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi, there is so much drivel and noise online. Less is more – that’s how careers are built. The over-exposure makes for a lack of authenticity. However, platforms are essential for building your own brand. As marketers, we often fail to apply our craft to ourselves. It's important to think about brand you. Applying the tools of our trade to our career plans can help achieve focus and differentiation.

Key takeaways

  • Master your online presence – highlighting your skills and proving them
  • Internal voice – building on your reputation within your own organisation
  • External networking – face to face meeting with influential professionals

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