CPD - what you're missing when you move up

almost 3 years ago

No two marketing careers are the same. In an age where job titles are proliferating – a recent survey conducted by CIM came up with no less than 1,500 different marketing-related titles from respondents, each of them, for the most part, suggested by just one person – and the remit of marketing itself is growing broader, it’s hard to find commonalities. That said, many junior marketers who recei...


Moving on up

almost 3 years ago

Does becoming a manager mean abandoning the exciting marketing work that you signed up to do? Most people choose a career in marketing because they have a passion for it – they enjoy the creativity and the drive, and the profession feels an ideal fit. Then, after a few years of moving from role to role, they begin to climb the career ladder. Once you move beyond that first, ideal job into somet...


Join the largest international professional body of marketers

almost 3 years ago

Expand your marketing knowledge and network by becoming a member of the CIM. You can take advantage of our insightful and thought provoking exclusive content, attend our national and regional networking and knowledge sharing events and top up your skills with discounted rates on our wide range of training courses. As a member of CIM you will gain recognition as a current and actively engaged ma...


Writing a CV that stands out

almost 3 years ago

Use your creative marketing skills to stand out in the jobs market One of the key rules for writers is ‘show, don’t tell’. So when creating a CV, why only list your skills when you have the opportunity to demonstrate them? It’s important to do so since the first taste an employer will have of your talents is your ability to market yourself. Marketing attracts creative people. It frequently requ...


How I made it in marketing

almost 3 years ago

Giles Harris, managing director of marketing and consumer research agency Come Round, explains how the determination that helped him forge a career in law propelled him into the world of marketing. How do you make it in marketing? There are countless ways to get ahead, of course. But there are also some basic principles that everyone should remember: Be specific about your goals. I didn’t start...