Career progression for young people

about 3 hours ago

Getting a foot on the career ladder is the important step in the life of a young person, and often seen as the most difficult. However, whether your first job is as a paper boy, barista, cashier or even a babysitter, the skills we learn in the beginning steps of our working life are ones that will stay with us to even the most high powered jobs. Beginning of Working Life… While many young peopl...


Knowing your options for school leavers

29 days ago

We get it, leaving school can be a daunting prospect! Not knowing what to do, or where to go after your exams, making sure to weigh up the pros and cons of everything. When starting out in your future it is so important to know your options, so you can set yourself up for the best possible career ahead of you. Join us in a roundup of just a few of the many paths you can take. Apprenticeships Ap...


Five tips to boss your review

about 2 months ago

The new year wake up call is here and many marketing professionals returning to work are asking a key question: is this where I want to be? ​ Some see the new year as time to make a new start; studies suggest 69% of UK employees could switch roles in 2019. But for others, it’s an opportunity to assess progress, dust off their career roadmap, and get it back on track; especially those keen to en...


Why marketers need to be data literate

5 months ago

What is data literacy? You may be wondering, what does data literacy actually mean? Well, in a growing and ever-evolving society like ours, data plays a huge role in every aspect of life. The ability to understand data, interact with it and simply use it, is data literacy. Data collection has grown at an exponential rate in recent times; collected and collated by companies, governments and the ...


The next age of marketers

5 months ago

Marketing comes in many different forms, from newspaper adverts to pop up banners on a website. As we all know, the world is changing very quickly on the digital front. The digital world has – and still is – growing at an exponential rate, evolving from the typical print media marketing to the digital age. The rise and domination of digital marketing has led to a major change in the way marketi...


Diversity in recruitment - why should marketing play a role?

6 months ago

Open a newspaper, sit in a board meeting, turn on your TV, the benefits of a diverse workforce is being discussed everywhere. The trickle-down effect is that brands everywhere are waking up to the fact that HR has been aware of for years – that improving diversity and inclusivity within a workforce has huge benefits both financially and ethically.​ According to a recent white paper, 85% of empl...


What are the next steps to working in marketing?

7 months ago

There’s an old saying, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" It’s a philosophical thought experiment that raises questions regarding observation and perception. The same can be applied to marketing, if no one sees or experiences your product or service how will you get your message or goal across. What’s marketing? The basic definition to marketing...


Marketers – to contract, or not to contract?

8 months ago

There’s often a point in many marketing careers when someone seriously considers the idea of becoming a contractor. But to contract, or not to contract: that is the question… This decision might come because you have a brilliant track record of successes behind you and want a new challenge, or you feel that you can’t progress any further in your permanent role. It could just be that you’re bore...


Advance your digital skills at management level

about 1 year ago

Listen to this Qualifications webinar with Michael O'Flynn, sales and marketing director at the Professional Academy, where we'll be exploring the aspects that make up the new Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing. This qualification has been specifically designed to bridge an identified skills gap within the market and aims to equip experienced marketers within the skills they need to deve...


Taking steps towards leadership in 2018

over 1 year ago

So, you've spent 2017 boosting your knowledge and developing your CV. Now, you've set your sights on a big step forward professionally in 2018 - either securing a promotion or landing an exciting new role. Does this sound familiar? We explore the essential skills for marketers seeking advancement in the next 12 months. Sharpen critical thinking One of the most important skills for marketers loo...