All things being equal

12 days ago

Inclusivity, diversity and equality breed success, but many boardrooms look the same as they always have. In late 2014, McKinsey published a global study into corporate equality and diversity which found that businesses with the most gender-diverse leadership were 15% more likely to report financial results above their country’s national average. Those with the most ethnically diverse board...


Essential skills today’s marketers need

27 days ago

A successful marketer today requires a wider set of skills than ever before, excelling in creativity, number-crunching, networking, and flexible working. In an interview, one of the most successful business leaders, Silicon Valley guru and Sequoia venture capitalist Sir Michael Moritz, put it succinctly: “If you have too rigid a plan to reach the top, your chances of success diminish. You n...


Why choose a career in marketing?

6 months ago

Marketing delivers exceptional results for business – and for those who work in it. For anyone considering marketing as a career choice, there is a simple, clear, one-word motivator: success. When you see the straplines ‘Just do it’, ‘Vorsprung durch technik’ or ‘The make-up of make-up artists’ – or know what ‘golden arches’ signify, or remember what product is associated with Labrador p...


Market brand you

8 months ago

It’s critical within this highly competitive market to promote brand you. If you want to progress up the career ladder, utilising your skills to amplify your achievements is fundamental way to move forward. However, one of the biggest challenges marketers face is understanding the right way to do so. There are numerous methods to promote yourself successfully, but it’s about finding the ...


How to maintain a work-life balance

8 months ago

Maintaining a balance between home and the office, family and colleagues, play and work, isn't just healthy – it's good for business too.  Finding your "guilt threshold" is essential for a marketing career to flourish. There is a sense that you can never truly switch off, that you need to have a 24/7 mentality and that work is the only thing that matters. And if you take your eye off the ba...


Should I stay or should I go?

9 months ago

When you make your next career move, think carefully about whether to stick with your employer or head somewhere new Ready to make the next move in your marketing career? You’re not the only one. Marketers everywhere are getting itchy feet as the job market has finally regained the confidence levels of the pre-financial crisis years. Every career move involves weighing up countless facto...


Getting a job abroad

10 months ago

Working in another part of the world can really boost your CV, but how do you get started? Look at the CVs of many C-suite marketers and you’ll find that they didn’t get where they are today by staying in one place. It’s not just that their portfolio encompasses a range of organisations, it is also that they’ve often spent some time working abroad. The benefits of gaining knowledge in in...


Making the right impression at a job interview

10 months ago

Making the right impression at a marketing job interview can determine your future career. A word of warning – do not go looking for a job at one of the world’s most popular airlines if you’ve got a niggling doubt about an empty boast on your CV. “Believe me,” says Ryanair’s chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs, “you’ll be found out.” “In interviews, I will literally try to catch people ...


CPD - what you're missing when you move up

11 months ago

No two marketing careers are the same. In an age where job titles are proliferating – a recent survey conducted by CIM came up with no less than 1,500 different marketing-related titles from respondents, each of them, for the most part, suggested by just one person – and the remit of marketing itself is growing broader, it’s hard to find commonalities. That said, many junior marketers who r...


Moving on up

11 months ago

Does becoming a manager mean abandoning the exciting marketing work that you signed up to do? Most people choose a career in marketing because they have a passion for it – they enjoy the creativity and the drive, and the profession feels an ideal fit. Then, after a few years of moving from role to role, they begin to climb the career ladder.  Once you move beyond that first, ideal job in...