Is a New Career What You Need in 2020?

8 days ago

You might not know it, but whilst you were on your end of year break, you probably had great advice from friends and family; do you need to do more than just contemplate it? Consolidation We’re now in a whole new decade, scary I know! What have you achieved, did you reach your goals, are you happy with your career path? These are all questions that you might have thought about internally over t...


Marketing contracting takes off in the North east

18 days ago

New Research from one of our favourite recruitment agencies, The Candidate, reveals 2019 as the year that marketing contracting took off in the North West of England. The Candidate Marketing Recruitment Specialists have commissioned research investigating the marketing contract recruitment sector in the North West of England, identifying growth in the areas whilst examining contractor’s attitud...


How playing sport can help your career

about 1 month ago

Whatever sport you play, there will be highs and lows: triumphs to be shared and trickier periods that require hard work, togetherness and self-belief to get through them. Some sports might be played by individuals, but at heart every sport is a team sport, because all sportspeople have coaches, parents, mentors and friends on their side. Each of these people can give you positives to take from...


10 ways to make you stand out on LinkedIn

about 1 month ago

More than 400 million people use LinkedIn across 200 different countries. That’s a lot of opportunities, but also a lot of competition. If you want to catch the eye of the hiring professionals who use LinkedIn, to find people for jobs at exciting companies, your profile must do two things: it has to represent you as you truly are; and it needs make a great impression. Whether you are creating a...


How to make your CV the best it can be

about 2 months ago

Recruiters like CVs that are snappy and informative. Here’s how to make yours exactly that. Before you embark on any job hunt, you need a CV that is fit for purpose. That purpose tends to be showing the reader exactly why you are a good candidate for the job in question. Because your CV might be just one among many, it also needs to deliver that information fast. We asked one of our leading rec...


How to build your professional profile

2 months ago

The skills you’ve honed acquiring followers on Instagram can help you catch the eye of potential employers. By building a following on professional platforms like LinkedIn, you give yourself a chance to stand out from the crowd. Want to create a personal brand that might just give you an edge in a crowded jobs market? Want to create a personal brand that might just give you an edge in a crowded...


How to use social media to build your personal brand

4 months ago

Undoubtedly, social media has changed the way we do business. There is no denying that it has its pros and cons - from perpetuating an always-on culture to raising concerns regarding cyberbullying, hacking and stalking, it’s certainly made aspects of the way we live more complex. It’s made the hiring and application process more complex too. If you want to find out about your interviewers befor...


How to kickstart your PR career

4 months ago

As part of their commitment to providing career tips from the recruiter's perspective, Henry Nicholas Consultant, Andy Midgley, provides advice for those who are looking to build a career in Public Relations. PR is an incredibly exciting and diverse field to be a part of. One minute you could be shouting about a new technology and the next advising a client on how to craft a perfectly-honed soc...


Five ways to impress at an interview

5 months ago

Digital marketing is a crowded marketplace right now. With digital spend set to account for 50% of total global advertising spend in 2020 - up from 25% in 2014 - opportunities in the sector are plentiful. On the other hand, there are a lot of candidates out there. So, how can you stand out? CIM Marketing Jobs has sought the advice of recruiters in the sector to pinpoint the hints and tips you n...


Make your CV stand out for marketing

6 months ago

What is marketing? If you want to take marketing seriously as a viable career option, then you’ll have to brief yourself on the different aspects of the profession. Marketing is not simply selling ads or digital space, nor is it confined to content creation or designing fonts and company branding. Marketing is central to business growth. As marketing covers everything, you need to think about y...